5 Jul 2011

Jaguar XF Estate under development

Talk of a wagon version of Jaguar’s XF has been doing the rounds for some time now, but things are finally getting official as Andrew Whyman - the XF’s Chief Engineer - has confirmed the vehicle is under development.

Whyman added that Jaguar design boss Ian Callum is planning something different and a unique look for the XF wagon but was not moved to discuss dates or pricing.
“I can’t say when or how much, but it is on the cards,” the executive was quoted as saying by the aforementioned source “Ian Callum [Head of Jaguar design] will do something different with this. It will be slightly different, with character and panache.”
The last wagon Jaguar built was the X-Type (pictured) and though it wasn’t a massive seller for the brand, Jaguar is confident a reborn XF estate could add valuable sales to the model line and challenge the likes of BMW’s 5 Series Touring and Audi A6 Avant.

Jaguar and the Land Rover Group have been planning to develop 40 major vehicle updates, including derivatives of current models. Thus, the station wagon certainly fits into the group’s long term plan, although we might not see this wagon in the US market.

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