1 Jul 2011

Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon movie review and trailer

Story: The Autobots must recover the Arc, a Cybertronian aircraft that holds the key to save the planet Cybertron, before the Decepticons. The Arc holds the secret which, if it falls in the hands of Decpticons, will spell disaster for Autobots, and more importantly, for Earth. However, the Autobots soon learn that what they strive to protect, has a deeper and a darker plan than they could imagine. They must race against time and fight one of their own to save the planet and the human race from the Decepticons’ sinister plan.

Review: Transformers- Dark of the Moon gives its fans something to cheer about. The third instalment of the series makes up for everything Transformers 2 failed at, and goes a step beyond the Transformers (I) glory. The movie serves a huge helping of special effects, complete with a strong storyline. The car chases, the cars transforming or the giant robots in mortal combat- each scene is crafted with attention to detail. While the metal clashing against metal can be overwhelming in certain scenes, the fantastic VFX applied results in a visual delight. However, special effects are not all that the movie has to offer. There are some witty exchanges and moments of comic relief making it a complete package, or one very near to it.
Michael Bay has exceeded all expectations with Transformers- Dark of the Moon, which could, quiet possibly, be the best among the instalments one so far.

Yeah we missed Megan Fox afterall TT
Here is the trailer:

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