4 Jul 2011

Volvo planning 298kW C30 super hatch

Polestar is set to become a fully-blown performance division of Volvo, much like AMG is to Mercedes, and the first road car to launch a proper attack on the big guns will be a Volvo C30 based on the recent Polestar concept.

Polestar is already in bed with Volvo, lending a helping hand in Volvo's Swedish Touring Car effort and also having developed a performance package for the S60 road car but future collaborations will be far more exciting than that.

According to WhatCar? magazine, the hot C30 will wear the PCP (Performance Concept Prototype) badge.

Given reports that the C30 PCP production car will cost around the same as a BMW M3, and limited to just 500 units, it's safe to bet that it will be just as awesome as the concept car, which is motivated by a 298kW five-pot turbopetrol engine.

With power, of course, being channelled through all four wheels, the claimed 0-100km/h sprint time for the concept is just under five seconds.

Best of all is the speculation that Volvo plans a complete range of PCP models.

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