7 May 2012

7 Weird Justin Bieber Facts Selena Gomez Might Know But Would Never Tell (Video)

In two recent video interviews, Justin Bieber revealed seven facts about himself that Selena Gomez might know but she'd probably never tell. The "weirdness" of JB's replies have as much to do with the interviewers' and the fans' often unusual questions as with Justin's own famously eccentric nature and off the wall sense of humor. So fasten your seatbelts, Beliebers, and get ready to learn some startling facts about your idol. Or get ready to be royally punk'd. Same thing.

Beginning with the two most mundane queries and replies, the Teen Dream's favorite cereals are Crunchberries and/or Frosted Mini Wheats. And just in case you've been lying awake at nights wondering, his favorite soup is Broccoli-Cheddar. If you're also wondering why a Belieber lucky enough to ask her idol anything face to face would want to know, of all things, his favorite soup, you're in good company. Justin asked her the same thing. She just giggled.

Moving right along, if the Biebs had to be an animal he'd be a tiger or lion. His reason? He wants to be at the top of the food chain. Makes sense.

When asked which female artist he'd most like to collaborate with, he mentioned two. And, interestingly, neither of them was Selena Gomez. Oops. In case you haven't guessed, the lucky ladies are Rihanna and Beyoncé. As you can see on the video below, he even gave them a shout out. "Hey Guys," he yelled, "I'm here. I'm available!" Poor Selena.

Contrary to what many of his fans might fantasize, he does not miss his old long, bowl-cut Bieber flip hairdo. When asked if he ever feels nostalgic about the tonsorial style that helped make him famous, he replied: "Not really, that was its own time. It may come back." Ah well, old school hardcore Beliebers can still hold onto the dream.

If he ever gets tired of his first name, Justin's going to rechristen himself Bubbles Bieber, for reasons known only to himself. You can read more about Bubbles B. by clicking here.

The final bit of JB trivia is one that Selena Gomez would surely never repeat—not even to her closest friends like Taylor Swift. Justin Bieber intends to write a song about his chest hair. No, that's not a misprint. Although, hopefully he was pranking the interviewer and his fans when he threw that one out. Hopefully.

You can check out Justin's informative interviews on the video below.

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