4 May 2012

Kaichou wa maid sama Anime review

English: Maid-Sama!
Synonyms: Kaicho wa Maidsama, Kaichou wa Meido Sama, Class President is a Maid!

Type: TV
Episodes: 26
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 2, 2010 to Sep 24, 2010
Producers: J.C. Staff, Sentai FilmworksL
Genres: Comedy, Romance, School, Shoujo
Duration: 24 min. per episode
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older
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This is my most favorite Anime ever!
Well thats because Usui Takumi, the male lead, is every girls dream.
He is perfect. I will surely recommend to watch it cause its a blend of comedy with chibi Usui popping up according to his mood and romance between Usui and Misaki(female lead). Well the season 1 has little ambiguous ending. Not if sure if season 2 comes out or not. The story continues in Manga. Anime follows Manga almost chapter by chapter so its pretty good to continue manga after watching Anime. Trust me you will surely tail the anime with manga after all.

Kaichou wa Maid-sama is an anime produced by JC Staff. It’s about a girl named Misaki Ayuzawa who is the student council president at a former all-boys school. Since the school was formerly an all-boys school, it’s still dominated by the male population, but Misaki manages to keep the boys under control through fear. Her position at the top of the food chain is threatened when one of the boys, Takumi Usui, discovers that she works part-time as a maid at a maid cafe. I was expecting this to be a pure comedy at first, but it’s actually a shoujo anime. Naturally, Misaki and Takumi are the main “couple” or couple-to-be here.

Misaki and Takumi plushies.

In some shoujo anime, the main female character never makes her true feelings absolutely clear until the very end (or not at all), and that’s the case here. Misaki is one of those people that manages to do everything by herself and would never willingly accept help from someone else. This causes some problems as it’s impossible for a single person to do everything. Whenever Misaki’s in a pinch, Takumi always appears out of nowhere (literally) and saves her from what would have become a bad situation. Takumi’s actions seem to anger Misaki though, because it makes her feel powerless. Her initial feelings of anger and annoyance soon develop into something else as evidenced by her constant blushing. It’s a wonder why she tries to push Takumi away all the time.

Misaki Ayuzawa

 Takumi is probably the most perfect guy I have ever seen in an anime. Not only is he popular with the ladies, he also has the respect of all of the guys at school. Takumi is also excellent at every sport, knows how to cook well enough to work in a restaurant, can read people’s minds, and can easily take down a horde of bad guys. He’s basically your ideal knight in shining armour. Teasing Misaki is one of his daily activities, along with stalking her, but he is willing to sacrifice himself to keep Misaki out of harms way. Takumi’s efforts to woo Misaki seem to be in vain at first, but after many repeated attempts, he begins to make progress, eventually getting Misaki to blush as I stated before. In my opinion, Takumi was too perfect, not once does he ever lay his eyes on another girl even though there are masses of them wanting to go out with him. All he ever does in the anime is think about Misaki and her well-being (while making fun of her), it just doesn’t make him seem like a real person. Really, for most of the series, it’s just Takumi chasing after Misaki with some humour added in here and there.

Takumi Usui

 Things do start to get serious when Misaki’s childhood friend, Hinata Shintani, suddenly transfers into their school. Hinata moves into the city and transfers schools in order to find his first love, who turns out to be Misaki. While he used to be a fat lazy bum as a kid, he is now a hot atheletic and funny guy that everyone admires. Misaki and Takumi’s one-sided relationship soon turns into a love triangle as the two guys battle it out for Misaki’s affection. Love triangles are used in almost every anime romance, and for good reason: it usually strengthens the relationship between two characters. They didn’t seem to carry this out very well in Kaichou wa Maid-sama though. As with Takumi, Misaki largely ignores Hinata’s advances, making it seem like he has no chance. I think giving Hinata a chance would’ve added a bit more drama to the series as Takumi would have needed to step up his game in order not to lose Misaki.

Hinata Shintani

There’s also a large supporting cast ranging from Misaki’s money-wise sister; Yukimura, the sissy guy; Aoi, the cross-dressing internet idol; Kanou, the gynophobe; the three dummies; the wacky maids at the cafe; Sakura, the boy-band obsessed girl; the evil Miyabigaoka school student council; and many others. Unfortunately, most of these characters serve as comic relief rather than play any serious role in the plot. The one big exception would be the student council of Miyabigaoka, which served to place Misaki in danger so that Takumi could go and do his prince charming stuff. However, once they had served their purpose of being the bad guys, they simply disappeared from the series. The story didn’t go very deep into the other characters either, usually just dedicating one or maybe half of an episode to them for some laughs.

The 3 dummies.


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