11 May 2012

Robert Pattinson: Filming Cosmopolis "Gave Me Balls"

Even hunky vampires sometimes struggle with self-confidence.
In a new interview Premiere magazine's special Cannes-themed issue, Robert Pattinson opens up about how filming David Cronenberg's sex-and-violence filled Cosmopolis helped give him the confidence he needed to tackle heavier roles.
"Filming Cosmopolis with David changed something in me," the Twilight star, 25, tells the magazine. "It gave me balls."
Prior to signing on to star in the dark drama--based on the Don DeLillo novel of the same name, about a billionaire who nearly loses everything (including his mind) in the span of one day--Pattinson admits he "spent time doubting myself. As soon as I read a script that I liked, I was working myself up, asking myself if I was good enough."
But now?
"I tell myself: 'F--- it! If they want to hire you, go!'" the actor exclaims.
For his part, Cronenberg says he never doubted Pattinson's leading-man abilities.

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