5 Jul 2011

Kristen Stewart Up for Casey Anthony Role

For many, Kristen Stewart may well be the perfect person to play Casey Anthony. Although there isn’t a script written (at least not yet), let alone a role for the Twilight star to consider, some Hollywood insiders believe the two are eerily similar and so the two women would make a good movie match.

Is that in any way viable?

Well, at least Kristen Stewart and Casey Anthony look comparable. And since KStew has been ensconced in dark roles since her early days as an actress, this one about a young woman who allegedly killed her child before partying the night away may be just the part to enable seasoned young actress pick up an Oscar.

For Kristen Stewart, Casey Anthony may well be the most frightening personality of any she has ever considered taking to the big screen. Still, the young American actress has taken on Bella in the Twilight Saga series, a role that demanded she go from innocent romantic into knowing vampire. And KStew also played a tortured youth in Panic Room, a movie in which she was cast as the damaged daughter of Jody Foster’s character.

So, although nothing is for sure about there ever even being a need for a lead character for a movie telling the story of the biggest court case in this millennium, Kristen Stewart would be a shoo-in as Casey Anthony. That’s the feeling of one source who said, “[Kristen Stewart has] got the dark hair [and the] sort of vacant … look.”

Indeed, even though many other actors could probably emulate the vacant look with the dark hair being no problem for anyone, male or female, Kristen Stewart is the name being bandied about for the role of Casey Anthony should her odious life be put on the big screen.

With that being said, do you think 21-year-old Kristen Stewart would fare well playing 25-year-old Casey Anthony? Does she have the chops for what would definitely be a juicy role? Thoughts? Thanks.

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