8 May 2012

Selena Gomez's Shocking $1.50 Per Day Budget

Selena Gomez has put herself on a shockingly strict budget of a mere $1.50 per day. She hasn't gone broke. She's just trying to raise awareness for the hardships of African children in the Sahel region, where drought threatens to starve families out.

Gomez has served as an ambassador for United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) since 2009, and this is the actress/singer's latest charitable endeavor. The idea to manage on so little is part of the organization's Live Below the Line campaign. Participants institute the budget for one week to gain an inkling of what life is like for the poorest sectors of society.

Selena Gomez announced her decision to participate on Facebook. "In a continued effort to help support Sahel... I am living off of 1.50 a day (this week). 1.4 Billion people live on $1.50 per day their whole lives, we only need to do it for one week. Can you do it?" With all the money participants save through the budget, there should ostensibly be a sizeable amount to donate to help children through UNICEF.

It's doubtful that Gomez will actually go without any necessities while she participates in Live Below the Line, but she is certainly being a better role model for her young fans than she was on the set of Spring Breakers.

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